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Pattern Conundrum!!!


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As I went through my pre-season patterning session I ran into a head-scratcher. I shot my normal setup of Winchester Supreme 3.5" 5 shot through my .650 choke at 25 yards. As usual a nice even, consistent pattern. I then experimented with Hevi shot for the first time. For some reason I had horrible results with the Remington Hevishot. Regardless of choke tube. However, the new Federal Premium Mag Shock "Heavyweight Shot" had interesting results. I ended up with my stock Steel IC tube as the best for this load. Here's what puzzled me...My pattern seemed to have less pellets in the pattern, but I blew a gaping hole which was larger than a quarter that went clear through the cardboard my target was mounted on. This happened every time I shot it. At first glance one may assume the gaping whole was due to a huge cluster of pellets clumped together blowing the hole. That would be both great and incredible if that was the case.


I then began to wonder if this was a result of the wad blowing through the cardboard? Most wads would peel off within 25 yards, but Federal has this new "Flightcontrol" wad that stays with the shot longer. If this is the case that could mean the wad was still holding the shot. It could also mean that the wad had seperated, and the pellets were starting to spread out, but the wad still had enough velocity to punch a hole in the cardboard.


So I either have a combination that is so deadly that I will be taking a turkeys head clear off at 25 yards, or I have a pattern that isn't quite as good as I had with my old combination, but the turkey may get slapped in the head with the wad. What do you guys think?


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Originally posted by tucker301:

I've been itching to try those new loads.

For me the difference between the Federal and Remington HeviShots was huge in favor of the Federal. The unbelievable price makes it a little hard to run through a lot at the range. $34.99 for 10!
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I would say it's the wad. I patterned my gun using the flight control shells and was picking up the wad a good 35 steps in front of me. The wad is incredibly thick also, almost as thick as the shell itself. It is strange looking. I'd say they kick 30% more than the regular ones too!!

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