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M2 12ga barrel


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Grandad passed down his m2 12ga and the choke is seized up and I’m afraid to do too much damage removing it. Trying to find a replacement barrel but everything is out of stock. Looking for a 28” preferably if anyone has one laying around or leads to get one. Thanks! 

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A few ideas...

1. Using a hair dryer or heat gun on lower setting, evenly heat the area where the threads are. On the M2, that should be 3/4" or so from the muzzle. Don't get it so hot you can't touch the barrel, even where you are heating. But, it should be uncomfortably warm in this area then use your choke wrench to try to loosen. A gentle tap with a rubber mallet could help too.

2. Soak the threaded section of the barrel muzzle-down in some type of penetrating oil overnight (at least). I'd clean it thoroughly first with normal gun cleaner to remove all the gunk that you can first. If you can easily remove sights or anything else, it will make it easier to clean up excess oil afterwards.

3. I only suggest this in the off chance you have access to metal CNC or lathe. Do some measuring on the taper where it transitions from the barrel to the choke (we did a lead mold to make it easier). Then, carefully transfer those measurements onto a rod that is long enough to extend from the chamber end of the barrel with it removed from the gun. It is hard to describe, but picture most of it being 1/2" except for the last 3/4" it goes up to the size of the choke where it follows that taper. What we've done then is to basically tap one side with the rod, then tap the choke wrench on the other side, back and forth. A dead-blow hammer works well for this. This is a gentle  back and forth, back and forth. I've gotten more than a dozen chokes unstuck that the previous two methods hadn't managed to do (friend of my dad had a flood while he was out of town and by the time they got back to town, there was a lot of rust on 40+ firearms - it was a sad scene). Since he paid for the tool to be made, he still has it. I never thought to take any pictures. Good news is all of his firearms are back to working order, just not near as beautifully as they were before. 😔

There's no reason that these couldn't be combined too, just be careful of any flammability issues obviously.

Like remarkable said, Briley can cut it down, but unless you desire the shorter length or the choke is actually bulged in place in the barrel, I'd work to get it removed.


Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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When Briley cuts the tube out, no trace will be detected that the choke tube was ever stuck, they will not cut the barrel, just the choke tube. You will need to purchase another choke tube.  Frankly I would not even try to get it out yourself at this point.  There would be a very high chance on damaging the barrel.  Then you will be out 500.00 - 700.00 for a new barrel, if you can find one.


I always tell my clients, if you ever want to overlubricate anything on a Benelli it would be the choke tube.  

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