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Benelli 828U Upland Performance Gauge Swap


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Hey this might not be the right place. Looking to swap my Benelli 828U Upland Performance 12GA for a 20GA model. Located in Minnesota and willing to meet at a gun shop to trade or work out a deal. 

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The 828 Upland is a awesome upland O/U, I have a 12 Gauge myself.  Keep in mind there were no 828U 20 Gauges build in the first year of the release.  The two previous years there were very few 20 Gauges that were sold at retail stores.  The 20 Gauge is extremely nice, super light weight.  There are currently no 20 Gauges 828U PS guns in the USA for Dealer Purchase.

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On 9/5/2023 at 3:54 PM, bambihunter said:

Over on Gunbroker, here's a list of all 20 gauge 828u's for sale:
https://www.gunbroker.com/Shotguns/search?Keywords=benelli 828u&PageSize=96&Sort=1&View=1&Ch-Gauge=20 Gauge

Here's a used one in Lake Benton MN if that is anywhere close:

thanks for the info, looking specifically for the upland performance shop model! I've missed out on a couple locally so I guess I may have missed the wave of them.

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If you use GunBroker, you can go to advanced search, and set up your keywords and search. After you've searched, you can tell it to save your search (if you have an account) and then you can also have it email you when it is found. With a little trial and error on the keywords, you can have it email you when it comes up, without a bunch of what you don't want. That is how I find all my really hard to find stuff though admittedly sometimes it takes a long time.

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