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H&K 121 M1 Function Question


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I was hoping to get some help from any 121 M1 owners.  I just pulled a mint one out of my Dad's safe.  Here's my question, when you have a shell in the tube, will the bolt stay open to feed the chamber? On mine, when a shell is in the tube, it rests against the carrier latch which moves it back a little so the bolt will not remain in the open position. I disassembled the gun and it seems to be designed that way (there is a slot in the carrier latch rather than a hole), but makes loading odd. 

Note: this is the early verison of the gun, there is no shell release button on this model

Thanks in advance!

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That's the beauty of the 121M1, it won't run unless you know how to make it run so if a bad guy picks it up without a round in the chamber there will be a hitch in his get-along. There used to be an aftermarket accessory for the 121M1 made by a couple of different vendors, this 'Benelli button' would be installed onto the bolt release button (really slightly extending it with a surface for a purchase), and with a flick of the Benelli button a round would be released from the magazine onto the elevator. Then one could cycle the bolt to bring it into battery. Way cool. Unfortunately if those Benelli buttons are long gone and if you don't already have one installed then you won't have that option and you're stuck with dropping a round into the ejection port. I suggest getting a fabric shell holder slipped onto the stock or one of the velcro shotshell cards on the side of the receiver...gotta have a loose round handy to make it go bang!

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