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Are the SBE 3 POA issues fixed or not?


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Looking to buy a new 20ga auto. Have checked out a bunch at LGS and really like the feel of the SBE 3. Have read a TON of articles, watched ytube videos and keep seeing all the POA issues (high/left). Read about shimming and about loosening/tightening the barrel stop ring. Also read its designed that way, so you float your target (european) for the shot, which I think is more of an excuse for the problem. The “allowable” specs by Benelli seams to be awfully generous in being off target high/wide. Some say it was an early production problem. I understand that those with issues yell the loudest, but what’s the deal? Can you be confident in getting a gun that shoots no worse than 60/40, without having to send it back for repair? I asked the same question at my LGS and the response was basically the same from all them…it’s a crap shoot if you get a “good one”. Thoughts?

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Here is a general guide for shotgun fitting:  If your eye is to high on the gun you are going to shoot high.  Correct language should include, "I am shooting my Benelli high and do not understand why".  Incorrect language may sound something like "My Benelli shoots high" .  Benelli has a very robust quadra fit system, the adjustabilty to fit most shooters is a key point of differentiation that sets the brand apart.

If you eyeline drifts to far to the right, you will "correct" this subconciously by moving the barrel to the left, thus POI left. I have fit many right handed Benelli's casted left handed to correct said cause and effect.

Having worked on and completed fittings on more than 2000 Benelli's I have yet to see one, when properly fitted that shoots outside of the Benelli Spec.  Acknowledging there were 2017 models with barrel stop ring fitting issues.

Most Ethos Field and 828U require adjustments in the quadra fit system. The 20 Gauge SBE series fits most shooters right out of the box.


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It is still odd their choice of fit. I am a person that can pick up about any shotgun and within maybe a dozen shots hit consistently without adjustments. I'm talking shotguns from the 1910's to present. But, then they want us to throw away a half-century of learned behavior that is consistent , and learn a different way. This is one of several reasons why I am sticking with my SBE (1).
I imagine realistically, they didn't want to manufacture a different bead or sighting plane for us on this side of the pond so they were just like "here, learn the European way to shoot it".

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