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which do u prefer for pheasent


which do u prefer for pheasent  

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  1. 1. which do u prefer for pheasent

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As birddog said, "whatever fits". If a shotgun doesn't fit YOU, it could cost $10,000 and you still won't shoot it any better than another shotgun that only costs $350.


The Wingmaster is a far cry better shotgun than it's "cousin" the Express, but there are so many other issues with Remington's quality control, service, etc. that I refuse to invest any more of my time or money in their weapons. :mad:


I've owned the Wingmaster and Express models and when I purchased my Benelli Nova it was such a breath of fresh air to not have any problems with it, that I'm totally sold on Benelli products.


Good luck with your choices!

Good hunting, Bowhunter57

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The wingmaster is a much better gun hands down, and if you can find a WM LC made before 1990 even better.


The LC Wingmasters are very nice guns,


The Ithacas are very nice pumps also.


I would never own another 1100 or 1187.


Benelli, Franchi, Beretta, browning,winchester all make much better autos.


The wingmaster is a excellent gun.


The Nova is a cheap gun, OK if you want a cheap 3.5 inch gun but that is all.


for upland you could find a used LC WM or Ithaca pump for the same price as a new Nova and have a better gun.


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