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50. cal


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sbeIIfan you may or may not know this. You can potentially shoot 4 different rounds out of that bad boy in adition to the 50AE. (depending on model) You can shoot .44 mag., .357 mag., 41 mag., and .440 Cor-Bon. The 44 mag. requires a diff. barrel and magazine. The other rounds require a diff. bolt assembly in addition to barrel and mag swaps. It's quite expensive but the option is there. I have a friend that is obsessed with the .50AE and he has the various barrels , mags, etc. I've shot it numerous times and you can get very accurate with practice. Its actually got similarities to the AR15 believe it or not. Like tucker301 said hold on and don't flinch! Oh and pick up your shells you may want to look into re-loading as those .50AE rounds ain't cheap. Have fun.


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