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m1 super 90 lubrication


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I just got an M1 S90 Tactical, used but in excellent condition. I put about 100 rounds through it and thought it was time to take it down to clean and lube. It was a little tricky but after reading some posts here it went fine. I could not believe how simple it was. After a good cleaning with Hoppe's and some dry time, I used just regular synthetic oil. Rem Oil would be just great in my opinion. I use Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil, have for years on almost anything with excellent results. Anybody else out there have any opinions?

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I personally use CLPs, whether they be Breakfree, Firepower FP-10 or Slip2000. ALL have done the job for my Benellis within thousands of trouble free rounds.


My lubrication regiment for my m1s90 and Nova is as follows:


- * Bolt body's cylinder (the portion that goes into the Bolt carrier) receives a healthy dose of lubricant. The healthy does ensures that the inertia spring receives lubricant as well.


The locking lugs also receive a very light coat of oil.


- * Bolt Cam Pin receives a healthy dose of lubricant.


- * I dab the bolt link pin with oil and allow it to seep into the nooks and crannies.


- The bolt carrier's body receives dabs of lubricant on the rails.


- I make sure to place small dabs of lubricant on all of the trigger assembly pins. No need to overdo, a dab each is all that I use.



* Adjust as needed for the Nova since it doesn't have an inertia spring, bolt link, etc..


Your mileage may vary, but my Benellis have lasted thousands of rounds with nary a hiccup. One of them has seen hard-use during a training course and ran like clockwork. Then again, that doesn't surprise me because all of the other semis (which so happened to be M1s90s) ran without a hitch, including the instructor's two personal M1s90s.


The guns run, and even my mine can run with 7/8 oz loads.




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Well I put around 75 rounds through my M1 on Saturday and was extremely pleased with it. My buddy wants one in the worst kind of way. I found some value Winchester 3 dr. shells I will start using for practice. I also used some real powerful Remington #4 Heavy shot a guy brought down and no one liked it because it kicked too hard. You know, it hurts so good. Then I tested my S & B 00 12 pellet tac load and it worked flawlessly! I had a problem with it the last time I shot and I had hoped that it was just a dirty gun, and it was. I have not taken the recoil spring out yet, but I will on the next cleaning. This is a great forum; I look forward to learning from some of you guys.

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