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sbe2-stiff safety- reply from benelli.


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Called benelli today about the stiff safety on my camo sbe2; the customer service lady told me that this problem sounds like it is only with the camo sbe2's. The usa rep. just left for Italy and would be back next friday. That was one of the main concerns. She said that he would either post a reply on the subject next friday on the internet or to call back to benelli. I will be waiting to receive an answer in a week. Shot another 200 rounds of trap loads threw it, it handled great-no ejection problems at all. Love the gun, but the safety is unexceptable, own about 8 shotguns of different types, and never had a safety problem with any of them. Make us proud benelli and fix the problem with our guns;I'd like to buy the supersport2,but if customer service is not there I will look else were for my next gun.

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I already fixed mine, its very simple.


in less than ten minutes.


remove only one pin (carefully) spring could fly, graqb the spring and then cut one turn at a time assemble and when you like the pressure(on the safety), stop cutting. then final assemble.


since in old Mexico we dont have any benelli dealer, I had to do it myself.


if you don´t know the diference between screwdrivers avoid trying.



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I talked to a gunsmith.. He told me that cutting the spring was a bad idea. He said he could replace the spring or something else for like $20 or so.. Money is not the point here. I dont want my smith to change it and have Benelli void the warranty... All I have to say is you dont have this problem wim Rem or Win. If you have a question or problem the go out of there way to make you happy... I called Win once to ask a question about my x-2 I didn't have a problem and the sent me a box of shells just to say thanks for calling...

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Here's a reply about the safety I recieved from Benelli today.Happy to hear from them.

Good afternoon Ben,


Our product manager is aware of this and has been dealing directly with

Italy for resolution/information. We hope to have an answer from him within

the next two-three weeks regarding this issue.


We do apologize for the delay of any final affirmation, but thank you for

your patience.



Customer Service

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