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Left hand shooters

Florida brian

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I have a Cordoba 12 gauge, it is my first shotgun. when I purchased the gun the first thing asked was “do you have left handed shot guns” to which they replied “no but it doesn’t make a difference” as I learned a year later ( as my $2500,shot gun sits in the safe because it doesn’t feel right at all and I can’t shoot very well at all with it )There is a difference in the stock and sometimes but pads. While Benilli doesn’t make a left handed stock for the Cordoba The do make one for the ‘Super Black Eagle’ which side by side the stock looks identical ! Does anyone know if it will fit or some other solution so convert over to a left hand properly?

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The Super Black Eagle 3 stock will fit the Cordoba however you do not need to get a new stock to covert yours into the same left handed stock as the SBE 3 Left Handed.  The Benelli Quadra Fit system makes these adjustments fairly easy once you understand the system.  The magic is inside the stock with the Drop Shim Plate, not as much so with the Cast and Drop shims that are located behind the the reciever.

Let me know if you may need reference material or a phone call, I could walk you right through it and have your Cordoba not only fit you in the cast but perhaps some drop adjustments are needed as well.

Finally you could also change the orientation of the safety to left handed as well, this sometimes requires a skillfull touch.  


Please PM me if needed.  I have done nearly 1000 of these Quadra Fit fitting on Benelli's and similar.

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That’s why I love these forums!! Good people exchanging good info! 
you are the MAN!! 
I did have the safety changed over as soon as I got the gun but I was recently shown that the actual composite sock was different and bubble out a bit on the left side I believe so to fit a right hand grip better. If you have a link to what you’re referring to that would be incredible becuase I fancy myself as being the ‘king of Google and YouTube search’ but I cannot find anything in this subject. 
I would love to speak with you as well. How do I PM you? Do you want my email? I’m sure we Probly don’t want to exchange # on here.

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