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Benelli M3 Super 90 H&K Variety - Help


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Hello so if anyone had experience or know something about M3 Super 90s I'd appreciate the help.


So I recently got a Benelli M3 Super 90 H&K and noticed something when I disassembled it to clean it. The barrel has some sort of shaved cutout. As a result it seems the lockup isn't there and  doesn't take much to rack it out of the "lockup". I'm not sure if I need a new barrel or what for the S90. Which I'm assuming the regular m3 Barrels from Benelli will work with the m3 s90. Am I not supposed to hold onto the forearm for grip/support in pump mode...I'm really puzzled as this is my first Benelli.

What does the community think?






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On inertia benelli shotguns, there is an inertia spring in the bolt carrier that's pretty beefy. So always make sure you let the bolt slam home to avoid out of battery. It's pretty common. As far as it being easyto take it out of "lockup", these are very smooth operating guns, it shouldn't take much to unlock them.  



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The area in your top picture is not what holds the barrel firm. What should lock it solid to the frame is the forend nut shown below with the red arrow (mine is extended magazine). The yellow arrow is pointing to the action selector. It is easy to hold or bump it when handling or firing.

You might check the spring in the action change in the front of the stock. If that spring is weak or broken, or it isn't locking into that detent in the front, then it will exhibit this behavior. One way to know this is the issue is if your forend is loose though I have heard (but not had it happen to) that forearm can still be locked and this happen and supposedly then the issue is further underneath that mechanism.



Others can probably say for sure, but I know there are multiple changes between the early HK imported ones and the latest Gen 2 models. One that is apparent just by looking is the later ones have a positive stop ring around the barrel. I put a blue arrow on it in the picture below from NCSwamp13 of the new model, and green arrow on same spot on old version. Historically, on models such as the M1 > M2 and newer SBE's, the barrel lug is also longer in the later variants/models. The final picture with 3 barrels are actually SBE's, but is shows some of the differences on it such as change of rib height and I include it because it illustrates the longer lug of the newer models versus the original model at the bottom.
I don't think there is anything wrong with your original barrel, but in a pinch, the newer style will work, but it will require modifications likely including either grinding that barrel ring on the barrel, or Dremel out the stock for that ring and likely the lug slot as well.

barrel ring.png

no barrel ring.jpg

Barrels with color indicators.jpg

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