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M3 Entry SBS: a bridge too far...?


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Question for you Benefactors of Benelli Knowledge...

Was there ever a final consensus about obtaining the M3 Entry 5+1 SBS w/ 14.5" barrel and c-stock? (link:  http://www.benellidefense.it/products/m3-145-telescopic-stock ) Even just the shorter barrel would be something (w/ proper stamp first, of course...). See pics below.

I saw some traffic on a different forum some years ago but nothing else ever since. Are these only "overseas" to MIL/LE, or has someone here stateside cracked the code to legally track down and own one of these unobtainium scatter guns? Any knowledge or information would be great.


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On 3/26/2024 at 7:36 PM, AIRB0RNE6176 said:

Also, why was the M3 initially (and is still to this day) released with a 19.75" barrel and not the standard 18.5" bbl?

No idea. Maybe it needed more weight in order for the inertial action to work. I don't know about the new ones, but the old ones had a different recoil setup, than others of the era like M1, but that may only due to mine being folders.
I really thought both of my HK folders had 18.5" barrels but I am not positive. As for SBS, I'm not into that really as I prefer extra ammo from extended magazine. So, I think the stock length on the early H&K imported M3T's are about right.

As far as having it cut down, there are places that can do that such as Briley. Depending on the barrel thickness, they might be able to rethread it for chokes. Often they end up having to use Rem Chokes instead of Benelli. I think they are thinner.

Benelli M3T folders (pair) - small.jpg

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I'll track down a second M3 and do the deed. I've tried going through some contacts in Europe (embassies and etc.), but no luck. There's a few places between Virginia and here (GA) that will be able to handle the barrel work:


Got my eyes on a S.Co Salvo as well, especially since the wait times are getting "shorter"...

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