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Why Can't Benelli Make Enough M4s???

5th US

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Nice setup, as usual M1014. I think the problem with obtaining the M4's can be attributed, in part, to our current military missions over seas. I believe Benelli supplies part of our military w/ M4's. Since theres a war going on there is probably a higher demand than usual for the M4's. Benelli's got to supply the military first, then the civilian market IMO. We're a Class III dealer and can get our hands on just about anything, but the M4's have been on backorder for a very long time. Once they come in there's quite a list to fulfill. Many people have bought other brands becuase there sick of waiting. The FN auto loading police model is a sweet shotgun at a nice price, that we sell whenever we get them. The barell is just barely 18 inch's (maybe a little under, sshhhh don't tell the BATFE) If your looking for a semi auto the FN is by far the best buy for the money IMO. Comes standard w/ 1913 rail, ghost rings w/tritum inserts, and an extended mag, and a couple chokes. I've got one and its sweet.

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Heres a link to a picture.http://www.legendportraits.com/Images/Guns/FN_SLP.jpg

The gun is based on the Winchester X2 (it has a super fast cyclic rate) which in turn is influenced by the Browning. FN owns both so thats no real shock. I've seen these guns around $700 and up to $1100. I've had one and its treated me very well. Here are the specs.

• Winchester Super X2 3" magnum action

• 13.5" LOP polymer stock

• 18" barrel

• Piccatiny rail with ghost-ring sights

• black parkerized phosphate finish

• 7-shot capacity

• compact overall length 38 7/8"

• Invector choke equipped (2 chokes supplied)

• soft recoil gas-operation

• 2 gas pistons supplied to tune the action to the desired load (one for less than 1 1/4" oz loads, one for 1 1/4+ loads)

Its my favorite semi-auto tactical. The M3T doesn't count cause its a "convertible" otherwise that would be my (is) my favorite tactical shotgun.

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