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For those that use the Mesa Tactical Urbino Stock......


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....keep an eye out.  I'm in the process of developing a few products that will be compatible with the Mesa Tactical Urbino stocks.  There will be models for all the different shotgun stocks other than the Benelli M4.  As of now with the upgrade Mesa Tactical just did to one of the stocks they work with the Benelli M4, M2 Tactical & Super Nova, the Remington 870,1100 & 1187, Mossberg 930 and the Beretta 1301 & A300(when this hits the shelves).  And after all the support that my Benelli family gave me with the roll out of my Trijicon SRO Tool, I decided to give everyone here first dibs again with the first run.  I really think this will be a hit with those that have any of the Urbino stocks and really looking forward to getting them out to those willing to support me again and giving me feedback once they get to try out the product.  I have been trying to get this out for several months but due to being out of work since mid December because of my back (had surgery last week and hoping it works) and funds being very tight trying to keep up with bills, I finally got a few breaks and was able to get things started.  Like before with the SRO tool, if there are any of you interested in what I have coming, PM me and I can give a little more details.  Just don't want to put too much out there yet.  I know there were about 10-15 of you here that took faith in me with the SRO tool and pre-purchased tools several months ahead of the release and I am more than grateful for your support.  I'm very excited and ready for this to be a big hit.  

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hey man,   I sent you $400 for an SRO on 4/24/24 and on 5/1 you told me you would refund my money since you couldnt get the SRO off the slide...today is 5/15.  Ive sent you numerous PM's on bayoushooter.com which you have refused to answer.    I want my money back or the SRO that I paid you for.





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just found out about this when I opened up the Belelli forum this morning.  I have contacted him to get this resolved.

 I had my mom send the money because I had to go back into the hospital because the incision on my back, from my back surgery, got really infected and they were trying to keep the infection from getting into my spine. And because of the infection my blood sugar was sky high. I spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital. I never got any notifications from you because I had to delete Tapatalk and re-install it because it kept freezing up. And I guess I never logged back in to the forum through the app.

This is part of my message to him.  As most know, I've been on this forum for many years and have sold and bought from several members on here.  The last thing I want to do is ghost anyone and cause a problem.  I'm waiting on his response to get this taken care of ASAP.  

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Just to keep everyone updated on this unfortunate event, the buyer contacted me and gave me an email address for PayPal and I sent the $400 plus an extra $25 for the mishap and trouble.  Many of you here have had transactions with me and know that I am a man of my word.  I really hate that this happened.  I sure hope this does not affect how you here see me and that it also does not make anyone here not want to do business with me in the future. 

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