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Benelli Quality Compared to Stoeger


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What are the quality differences in the Benelli Autoloaders as opposed to the Stoeger 2000? Just wondering if anyone has any insight on this subject. I have heard alot of good about Stoegers, but at the same time, many people have smalle complaints about them. Just wondering if the same holds true to the Benellis


Adam Hiller

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I see many complaints about all brands of guns.


Stoeger seems to have it's share of minor gripes.


I own several Benellis and they too have had some problems.


But just like your favorite car or truck or atv or spouse/significant other, if you find that item to be useful and a good fit for you, you can learn to live with minor issues and/or learn to fix the problems.


I have a 13 y.o. SBE that has gone though about 15,000 magnum waterfowl loads. With 15,000 rounds, one would expect a few parts to wear out. A quick order to Brownells each year, and that SBE is ready for season 14.


A d-ring here, a pin there, a new spring every so often, no big deal.


It's like buying new brake pads for the car.


The folks that get on this site and spew "I paid $1500 for this jammomatic - it should work forever for $1500" just amaze me........


mudhen - CA

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The folks that get on this site and spew "I paid $1500 for this jammomatic - it should work forever for $1500" just amaze me........

you got it mudhen .... most of those folks are probably inexperienced and don't know any better ..


as for the quality diffs - it's in the eye of the beholder...


... many see things differently and to get realistic about the subject is sometimes out of reach for some ...


good post mudhen

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any machine will ware out if used enough. most of my gripes are with quality control and fit and finish. i set the new baretta next to the stogie and the differances stick out, but evan the baretta has many flaws (fit and finish and finding flaws in such is a huge part of my job so i do have a tendancy to over look at things) i find that close observation is the key to any tool investment. dont be afrade to ask to lay both options next to one another or to look at a couple of differnt guns. any time that i buy a new gun i try to get my pick from several of the same model. maby the dude putting them together had a hang over on monday and it took till thursday to get his groove back. try to chose the friday gun :D

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