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SBE II & toms.....


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I got the Rhino choke tube that's suppose to fit the SBE II and Beretta Xtrema and it wouldn't fit my gun. I have a Comp-n-Choke, unscrewed it and the Rhino wouldn't make it into the barrel where the threads start. Anybody else have this problem? Choke came from Wing Supply and is the 2" extended version. I have been in touch and they will exchange it but I want one that will fit.

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According to Rhino - Wing Supply does not stock a 2" Rhino for the SBE II - they stock a 1.5" Rhino for the SBE II.


No one stocks a 2" Rhino for the SBE II, it is a special order from Rhino and costs $120.


The 1.5" Rhino I have is rusty brown/red colored.


Rhino 'splained it all to me - they tested the 2" Crio and found no benefit over the 1.5" Crio, so the 1.5" Crio is the standard model.


A very sharp lady @ Rhino told me to buy the 1.5" and test it - she said she would be surprised if I didn't like the pattern.


The Rhino seems to like the Win Ext - and I hear it likes the Nitro HS H51013, which I have but have not tested yet.


I think you have the wrong tube.


Call Rhino.



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Nice birds, mudhen!

Only thing I've done so far is a jake that was nearly beheaded by the SBEII/Rhino combo at 12 paces.

Normally, I don't shoot jakes, but this one was in a spot destined to be a shopping center by next season, so I figured I was doing no real harm.... and he was 12 paces in front of me.


Ditto on others comments on the Rhino.

Love it!


[ 04-20-2005, 02:55 PM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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Thanks Mudhen, I measured the one they sent me and it is 1 1/2 inch. I emailed Rhino to see if they knew of any problems but haven't heard back from them yet. The problem appears to be that it is making contact the first place it flares on the bottom of the tube. I'll get it corrected, did take a gobbler at 35 yards with the SBE II and Comp-n-Choke combo on Tuesday. Thanks for the help.

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