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SBE 1 Balance


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I just got my X-Coil pad to put on my new SBE 1. I am considering buying a factory mercury recoil reducer to put in the stock. My gun has the 26 inch barrel and I am wondering how that recoil reducer will affect the balance and swing of the gun.


Do any of you guys have a SBE or M1 with a 26 inch barrel that you have installed the recoil reducer into? If so, how did it affect the handling of the gun. I plan to use if for mostly waterfowl hunting with some dove and upland also. Thanks.

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Found a recoil reducer for the SBE1 for half price in the closeout bin at a shop here shortly after I bought my SBE. Decided to see how it worked. It's been in there ever since and I've never shot better with any shotgun. I think anything that reduces recoil is going to help the shooter with follow up shots.

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I shoot a sbe1. I have a mercury stock recoil reducer and a limbsavor recoil pad and it really takes the bit out of heavy goose loads. It shifted the balence point so barrel feels lighter but not to point it destracted me. I have the 28 inch barrel which may make a difference. Usually when I am shooting geese I have so many clothes on that balence is not my first concern but just getting gun shouldered correctly. When I am shooting clay games, doves, pheasants, or early ducks I use gun as came out of box and do not use either recoil reducing pad or mercury recoil reducer.

I am all for recoild reduction, I have seen too many mens-men develope flinches.

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