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Ordered SBEII -best pattern? backbore\choke???


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Please help out smile.gif


I just ordered a new LEFT-HAND Benelli SBE II 24" barrel, 12 gauge 3.5"magnum. It will be my primary goose\turkey shotgun.


Particularly, I want the Benelli to pass-shoot geese at long range (55+yards). Is there an advantage to having the barrel back-bored? (if it isn't already??). I heard that this reduces the friction of the shot charge against the barrel wall, resulting in an increase in shot velocity and more uniform patterns than with standard barrels. Who would do the work and how much does it cost? is this the same as making a longer forcing cone?


Also, I am thinking of ordering Briley choke tubes for Hevi-Shot. Any comments on Briley? Do the ported choke tubes really reduce recoil or muzzle jump?


Finally, since I will be wearing hearing protection, will porting the barrel reduce recoil or muzzle jump? If so, who should do the work?


I heard from Benelli that back-boring, porting etc. will cause ejecting problems with standard shells. Will this affect 3-3.5" shells too?



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Please convince me to buy a longer one smile.gif


My reasoning for the short barrel is this:


1. It achieves the same velocity as a longer barrel but is quicker handling and easier to pull out of a goose or turkey blind without getting caught on anything.I read the wrong book then: Matching the Gun to the Game by Clair Rees- he states:


Contrary to popular opinion, barrel length doesn't significantly affect the velocity of the shot string or the efficiency of the pattern. A short barrel shoots just as hard and far as a longer one.



Is he full of it??



2. I am used to shorter barrel shotguns - I own a B-80 upland special with a 22" barrel and a Citori with a 24" barrel. The overall length of the Benelli SBEII is about 4+inches longer than those shotguns.


3. The overall length of the SBEII is 45.6" with a 24" barrel. This is about the same length as a sporting clays O\U -- ex. A Citori 525 Golden Clays 28" barrel is 45.5" long. I will get the sighting plane of a longer O\U.


What do you suggest or think of this??


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On the average velocities increase 5-6fps per inch of barrel resulting in a 20-24fps increase when going from a 24" to a 28" barrel generally effecting patterns and increasing lethality... whether he's full of it or not depends on Clair Rees' definition of 'significantly'. The 24" barrel will also produce more muzzle rise making follow-up shots more difficult.


From Benelli Troubleshooting Page:


NOTE: Due to the fact that Benelli uses an inertia recoil operating system, modifications such as backboring, porting, and lengthening the forcing cone have a detrimental effect on cycling.


..having this in mind then considering the new SuperSport uses the inertia design along with a ported barrel makes me think that the spring set-up is lighter than the SBE making it a bit more apt to handle the porting modification with lighter loads... just my thought there. As for the ability of the SBE to cycle correctly when using higher reving loads if the barrel was to be ported... I don't know for sure but, the ability to shoot lighter loads might be jeopardized.


Have you handled the gun yet or did you order the gun based on printed type? because it's going to handle much different than the two guns you mentioned above and will even handle differently between barrel lengths.


Good Luck


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