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  1. Moose in Maine cause over 3 million dollars worth of wrecks a year . I went to Jackman deer hunting in a snow storm at night and past 16 moose in a 2.5 hour ride. They come to lick the salt off the roads. Drive slow is all you can do. also I'm glad I wasn't in that car!!
  2. I didn't know new york was horth east.? Just kidding but today was a great sea duck day . Boothbay held plenty of ida's for us this morning. Seas were 5-8 feet ,rough tending when they tried to get away. Last saturday for Mainer's .Hope everyone enjoyed there season.
  3. Some of you guys do great ,here in Maine it can be tough. Especialy when our limit is the least of all.Sea ducks are different though. How about my last trip to the coast. First hungover at 4am .Not good. Next 100 mile ride. Then the unthinkable , 100yards from the boat landing and the wheel falls off the boat trailer. 2 hours later trailer fixed and boat landing full of hunters trucks and trailers. It snowed the night before and we of course get stuck and have to detach the boat trailer to turn around.Ok boat in water30 min later and out board wont start. Please shoot me now !! Well theres th
  4. You know sgtCathy a date might think twice be fore watching a movie with you.LOL!!
  5. I've never seen one like that in the MAINE woods!!
  6. skeet and 5-stand mostly with my browning citori.I also have briley 28ga companion tubes for that gun.I just bought a remington sport 12 off somebody for a good buy .But had to put a morgan butt plate to make it fit , still shoots good for a remington.
  7. Hey shark I shoot at a skeet , trap and 5 stand cluband we have turkey shoots in the fall.We do it different than paper plates or cards.We have 10 shot rounds of each game and high score wins the turkey. If a shoot off is necessary on ties we throw doubles till we have a winner. We also have green birds in the machines periodicly and if you brake the bird its good for 2 lobster. Its really a fun way to play.
  8. Luck doesn't follow me when taking first timers. 2 years ago I brought this guy out I worked with in the afternoon .He just bought a winchester pump and every bird come buy he would fire ounce and not pump. I was laughing so hard just imagine. As we where leaving I shot a hen mal and walked into the shallow water to only land in a beaver trench and filling my wadders . So if you want a laugh lets go hunting..
  9. Remymag


    Not to sound like a jerk but my local dealer had catalogs 4-5 weeks ago. sorry benelliboy.
  10. p.s. on the e-mail deal. About a week or so I emailed franchi to tell them one of the guns' (top of page) on the back of there nem sales catalog the forarm piece of wood isn't set correctly. they emailed me withen 48 hours saying they notified the proper authority. check out the catalog.
  11. Is it possible to ask your little gun store to see if he can get the gun from another dealer in the u.s.??
  12. Thanks shipping is a problem a lot. The items I mentioned earlier are purchased from the skeet club.
  13. Remymag

    10 Gage S.B.E.

    I just sold my remington sp10 after 7 years of shooting it . 1 -there too heavy 2- ammo is stupidly expensive" 30.00 for 10 bismouth" 3-ammo isn't sold every where very hard to find up here 4- I dont know . I have made some pretty iffy shots with but they weren't necessary just impatiant. I would like to see .410 though . 1100's don't fit me at all . GO .410
  14. Hey travis been a while crappy computer has been down .I use a mec sizemaster just because it was FREE:) I think a mec 650 is all a man needs for shooting sports. prices will vary 2.00-2.50 abox of shells. I split the cost with my father though I shoot more than him. I dont buy hulls any more a lot of older guys have so many they just give them awaybuy the grociery bag.I guess it depends on how much you shoot. I pay 13.00 for 1000 wads, 22.00 for a thousand primiers and 14.00 a bag of shot .How are the pricies there in south carolina?
  15. I'm with birddog why dont you like the porting? Too loud maybe?
  16. Briley is very easy to work with and seems to be on time. I think there chokes run a little tighter for some reason ,but the patterns are even.just using skeet type products.Can I ask why such a short barrel?
  17. Funny. my wifes is waiting for me to finish mudding and paint our computer room I started 4 months ago.Hobbies usually beat house work, or I'll wait for snow and then cut fire wood!!PRIORITES you know.
  18. Remymag


    I dont know how many dealers are near you but I can travel to 3 different ones and they all have different pricing. Some very 100.00.
  19. hbat785 are you trying to save for your self on practice fields or match fields?When I shoot my auto I use the oldest and last time hulls . If your at a match you dont have to worry about losing good hulls. Just a thought. At our club field will just rake after shooting , saves a little on the back.
  20. hey fez having no recoil is the best. I reload 1oz loads with #9 for skeet at 1100 fps and I could shoot all day and ounce you have acquire everything it cost 2.00 a box and its fun to do.
  21. Hi I'm not sure how good it would work clay shooting. Theres a couple of ways to shoot and lots of time I dont think I even see my bead . I kind of think it becomes natural.
  22. who's shooting what? Any body have a cheap recipe for 1oz. loads I use claybuster wads and sts hulls. How about you?
  23. hello maybe briley could tell you or get your hands on a mic and measure them yourself.?
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