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Left-Handed Semi-Auto Slug Gun


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I almost bought a Left-Handed Benelli Super Black Eagle II yesterday, but then I found out that there is not a slug barrel made for the gun. Does anybody know if there is anybody that makes a barrel for the gun? I want to use the gun for turkey this spring, but I would really like to switch from my pump deer gun to a semi-auto. It seems that there aren't a lot of left-handed semi-auto slug guns to choose from. I was hoping to give myself a birthday present, but I will have to wait until I find a quality gun.

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I am left-handed and shoot right-handed autos, with NO problems. If you buy a right-handed SBE II, then you can buy your slug barrel and you are set up!!


By the way, the SBE II safety is fairly easy to turn around for left-hand use. There is a post on the forum describing how to do it----with a diagram.

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I have shot (from the left side) the following right hand semi-autos without any problem:


1) Winchester Super-X


2) Browning Auto-5


3) Browning B-80


4) Beretta 303


5) Benelli SBE


6) Remington 11-87


I have never shot a left-handed auto, so I cannot comment on them. If you are thinking about a pump, I would choose either a Browning BPS or an Ithaca Model 37.


I am not sure about the safety on the Supernova-----call Benelli customer service.

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I am left-handed and shoot right-handed autos, with NO problems... blah, blah, blah.... Learn to shoot right handed... blah, blah, blah.... So many times when looking to spend my THOUSANDS of dollars on products like Binelli I hear this line of reasoning in forums. Why should people who are left handed settle for using something NOT made for their left handedness? It is absurd to ask us to HAND OVER our hard earned money to acquire a huge compromise. YES, I have used a right handed bolt action to shoot deer left handed, but why should I. Any more my POV is I don't buy if it isn't made lefty but I will pay a huge premium if it is. Like the Cabot Southpaw


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