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wood stocks


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I like wood stocks too. Sadly, my 16 y.o. SBE wood stocks have pretty much given up the ghost. The first stock cracked in the first year; the stock basically exploded into 5-6 pieces. Second stock cracked after 13 years even with the metal band in the stock.


I'd put a C&H mercury recoil reducer in the stock and buy the SBE II wood if that's what you really want, cracks be danged...


But don't be surprised if the wood does crack over time. 3.5" will win over wood sometimes...


mudhen - CA

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Hey whitefeather - I just did a test with my legacy and my supersport and found that a 30 dollar limbsaver is superior to the comfortech recoil pad. Buy whatever stock you want and slap a limbsaver pre-fit pad on it. Some people are saying that the hi viz recoil pad is even better than the limbsaver. The hi-viz pre-fit pads are hard to find though so I can't give you much advice there.

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The hi viz listing says that the pre-fit version is for synthetic stocks only - so if you have a wood stock your best options are a grind to fit hi viz or a pre fit limbsaver. I was in this same situation with my legacy and just opted for the limbsaver and I am very happy with that.

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