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which is faster


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This one's actually been tested and proven.

The Max 4 is faster from sea level to 3,000 ft., and again above the tree line.

The Timber is faster from 3,001 ft. right up to the tree line.

However, this is only true if the guns are both right-handed models.

Strangely enough, if they are both left-handed, the perfomances are exactly opposite of those listed above.


Furhtermore, A Mossberg thrown off a sheer cliff is faster than all Benellis.


I'd love to stick around and explain this, but "The Deadliest Catch" is coming on in just a few minutes.


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The deadliest catch is a great crab fishing show...

I found it by accident sufering the dish.


Greeting everyone! I am new to these forums..and I find it a good place to learn from you here about shotguns. I am new to turkey hunting and I am looking around for a good turkey gun, maybe a Benelli nova?


See you around.. tongue.gif

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