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This site is Crap


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Does Wapiti mean 'pain in the arse' by any chance?


If you don't like it here, don't come here.


Benelli will mail a manual upon request - they have to - it's the law in the US.


Benelli will answer the phone and e-mail from individuals with questions.


This place is a forum for members to post and reply, nothing more, nothing less.


You are the weakest link - good bye......


mudhen - CA

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Originally posted by RoyalWapiti:

Why does Benelli even have this forum on here if they are not going to participate and answer questions?


- The forums are for Benelli owners to share information and experiences. Do you have something to share, or are you just in a mood to rant?


Crap, they even took there owner's manuals offline.


- That's simply not true. You may not be able to find them, but they are online, and readily available to anyone who wants to download them.


Betcha didn't see this in your extensive search, did you?



Also, please spend some time here when you get a few minutes between trolls.



Next time buy a Beretta.... Use the money you save to join the NRA.

I looked at Berettas and Benellis side by side just a few days ago, and the Beretta is a nice product, but I liked the feel of the Benelli. Thanks for the advice though.


Oh, and as for the NRA, I don't consider them to be acting in my best interest sometimes, so I just write my local, state, and federal representatives when I need to express my views on firearms and hunting issues.


Best Wishes & Happy Hunting

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If I am not mistaken, Beretta owns Benelli.


The downloadable or online manuals on the Benelli USA website were never online. Why? I have no idea. So Benelli did not remove the online manuals.


So why have the website? To get customer feedback by lurking on the forums.


The Customer Service of Benelli can be located at:




Regards threeshot

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