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REDUCED! FS/trade..Benelli M3 Ghost Ring Site 19.75" Barrel Only..W/ Removable chokes


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I have for sale or any interesting trades..a Like new Tactical 19.75" M3 Combo pump or auto Barrel..{This is the Barrel Only}..Has removable chokes..with a full choke included.Has the Ghost Ring front site..Benelli Flat matte factory finish..Will email detailed pics on request...This is an extra Barrel.I have two M3s & 2 M4s..I ordered a 26" ribbed field barrel for one of my M3s & now have no use for the shorter tac barrel.


I also have a +2 Factory extender for an M4 Benelli I may part with..Replaced it with a Full length mag tube..

Give me a shout by email if interested & pics..


Stay Safer!

[email protected]


M4 +2 extension SOLD! & I didn't price Gouge!! M3 Barrel is sold ,too..Thanks Much_O!!..


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WingBone Says"I'm broke so I'll trade you a half pack of smokes and a bag of potato chips (cool ranch even) fer it! "


Aww man!!..I'm try'n ta quit!..& too much cholestral & Starch makes me fart & Piss's off my crew when in the confinements of the Chopper..Heh!!!


M1014....ya already know who Luvs ya the best,man!!

Who duz it sweeter'n & neater with less peter!!


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Hey LT!!...Good ta hear from ya!...How's the Stock fit??


I called up Benelli..& requested one..the very nice Benelli CS Person..stated that she would have 4 to six available in about a week..& she would put my name on one....I had it in less than three days..came with 4 chokes..Ribbed..& a nite Glo front site..Sure is **** on Texas Blue Quail & Dove..A skeet bust'n Muther,too!!

I think I sent ya a pic of it when I sent ya the stock..

Stay Safer!


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Stock was a breeze to install and it is super nice. I also added a two shot extension for some feel good rounds. Not quite an Army of One, but it'll keep their attention for a while huh ? Good to hear from you too. Don't forget to drop me an email or a phone call if ya get around my LZ. Keep your head down.


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