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Review: "Miami Vice"


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Review: "Miami Vice"


Just saw this movie thought you'd all like to know if it is worth seeing.


6 out of 10.


The movie is fun, some great action......but the action is mostly toward the last 15 minutes of the movie.


Rest of the movie has some great scenery, nice boats, and cars.....but slow. I couldn't wait for the action to start. And it was at the end.


The gunplay was awesome though. Too bad there wasn't more of it. You see some HK's, M-4's, Barret .50 cal's, Benelli Shotguns get a large part. The action is sweet.


There is also some interesting parts, like:


1.) Why do u need a .50 cal for 10 yard shots?


2.) Why does every .50 cal sniper have to squeeze off a shot when hit?


3.) How does a burlap sack stop someone from being seeing by a nite vision device?


But the movie was fun. Probably worth seeing in theater.....but better as a rental.




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I would give it a 5-10. Boring..... It was like a dude banging an asian chick the whole movie. Way Too confusing for me. U.S. Marine was right the only action is like the last 15 minutes. I thought the only cool part was when the girl shot a guy in the head and he didnt let go of the detinator in his hand. The snipers were a bit of an over kill but it was still, tight. Overall boring, NON action packed flim. Your better of seeing CLERKES II. If you do wanna see a good action packed movie rent running scared. it makes kill bill look like sesame street. :D

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