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  1. Wildfowler


    They are different on mine here in the UK also?
  2. Olt 800, MP90, DR 85 and a brass wigeon call. I call the pinks over here by mouth.
  3. Why they are put on (bead) is beyond me? Never use one, look at the bird.
  4. Do the new Extrema 's still shoot to the left as did the old ones I believe?
  5. Lacking in the chamber for me? As well as other things?
  6. My birthday is wrong? it is today but the year is 1957?


  7. Take no gawm Ive cottened on. They ain't done a Supernova yet as a left hooker n'ere mind the vinni
  8. My closest Cabelas store is 4500 miles? The gun? Don't even ask what the price is here?
  9. I don't think it's normal? I would address the situation? My Benelli ain't peeling and neither is my Winchester, so why should your 'peeling' be 'normal?'
  10. Wildfowler

    This forum

    ?dednah tfel m'I melborp oN
  11. No it's back to normal? Loads missing!!!
  12. That's improved it still no snow at beginning as on IE?
  13. Not all there for me on Firefox?
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