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hi guys i'm new on the forum but have read for along time.... i just wanted to pass on the great deal i found on the sbe2s ...if your from pa or close to erie and i noticed a couple of you guys are from pa ...i actually have bought 3 so far , one for me to keep and two that i have sold and made a few dollars on ..so i could buy some accessorys for my sbe2.......the store name is ERIE SPORTS STORE and its in erie pa...the price is 1199.00 with comfertech any barrel length.....my personal two cents there marked wrong in there book but who knows, all the other dealers around me sell these from the best i found is 1349.00 to all the way up to 1539.00 ......so if your around erie pa stop and pick up a heck of a deal before they change there prices, they haven't yet atleast since january of 06 to present ........ :D


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Here in MN, they had them at Gander Mountain for $1,200 with COMFORTECH, and with the $200 of FREE AMMO that makes the gun $1,000 bucks, which u can't beat.


Same with Cabela's. But no FREE AMMO at Cabela's.


But what I did was went to Cabela's b/c Gander Mountain didn't have the SBE II in a 26" barrel. I went to Cabela's talked to a manager about the deal Gander Mountain did. And I got the same deal from them that Gander gave, after about 12 minutes of negotiations.


Love my SBE II. It was well worth it.

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yes they are for sure with comfertech and they are the camo models too .....and here in pa the gander mountains around where i live offer there sbe2 w/comfer for 1449.00 and the cabelas in wv and the pa one out by philly offer it for 1399.00 .....mabe the cabelas and gander mts. in other states are different but the ones i listed are definitly that price as of the begining of the year 2006......


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