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M3 in Tx?


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There was three brand new ones in the box @ the last BigTown mesquite Gun Show...Asking price was $925 apeice....I forget the Gunshops name....I think it's located in Mesquite...There's a few on Gunbroker.com...priced kind'a high,tho...

Also...Jim Walls that owns "Between the Walls Gun shop" in Midland texas has a brand new one...

I own a H&K early model..& a newer one....Can't tell much diff between the two.....The Rifle site ones are usually cheepaer...I prefer the GHost Ring sites.....The newer ones have the LPA GR site like the M4..the H&K has a different style. with the high protective wings....LPAs are held on with 3 screws..the H&K are secured with 4 screws..

If ya call Jim in Midland....tellem that wade the Crazy chopper pilot sent ya..He might deal with ya on it.....Hurry up tho..cuz if I get a few more of my Saigas sold off..I'm buy'n it...Heh-heh!

If ya buy one out'a state..you'll save the tax on it...

Careful...don't get too close to guys like M1014...cuz he'll give ya a virus that makes ya wann'a own ALL BENELLIs.....I think I'm suffer'n the symptoms...


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