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A couple of questions about shotguns


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Alright, my local dealer has purchased a load of Benellis and I'm looking into getting one. So far, I've looked into the new Super Black Eagle II and M3 Super 90s. I intend to use my weapon for sport, such as all kinds of hunting to shooting trap, so I will need to use most kinds of lethal ammunition.


What kind of shotgun is recommended for my needs?


Which shotgun comes with ComforTech and Crio systems?


For something like the Super Black Eagle II, is the camo "skin" on it interchangable/replacable? I ask this because if I get one, my local dealer only has 2 of them with a camo "skin" on them while I want a straight black.


Finally, which shotgun requires the least amount of maintenance?


I don't want a shotgun to blow up in my face, or fall apart during a hunt. I plan on getting a Benelli, but I want the best I can get. I prefer pump action, and I would like to have the ComforTech and Crio systems at least avaliable, and perhaps upgrades (such as longer barrels for specific shots like slugs, to things like magazine extentions). Answers to my questions will be very appreciated, I plan on getting a Benelli whenever my dealer gets them, however he already has two of the new black eagles.

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Hmmm yes I did that, so far that is advertised all I see is that the Super Black Eagle II has is the Comfortech stock and crio system choke. No mention of it having semi auto, or optional parts, seem to be apparent. Things are left out on the site..


On a second note, the M3 had very little information. It did not specify of any upgrades, or key features and it did not answer many questions, which is why I posted a thread for that. Although some of the questions I asked in this thread are answered, very few answers are specific. It does not note if the crio/comfortech systems are standard, since my local dealer has no idea what the **** those are anyway. However, I did note his super black eagles did have comfortech stocks.


Also, I asked for past experiences. People who have used them, people who know both the pros and the cons. Advertisements only knows the pros.


So instead of wasting your time, and mine, and being an ******* about this matter; why not just answer the few easy questions if you can or not comment.

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I'll try to address your specific questions...


1. "What kind of shotgun is recommended for my needs?"

You mentioned the SBEII and the M3 Super 90.

The M3 Super 90 is more of a tactical/defense weapon, not a sporting arm. Since you're hunting and shooting trap, the SBEII is the proper choice (of the models you mentioned).



2. "Which shotgun comes with ComforTech and Crio systems?"

The SBEII comes with the ComforTech and Crio systems.


3. "For something like the Super Black Eagle II, is the camo "skin" on it interchangable/replacable?"

It's not so much a skin as it is a finish. It's not interchangable, but can be replaced with another finish.


4. "Finally, which shotgun requires the least amount of maintenance?"

The one that's properly cleaned after each use.


The SBEII is a semi-automatic shotgun. I guess Benelli simply assumed that anyone with sense enough to get to their site, read the description, and look at the pictures would have figured that part out :rolleyes:


The M3 Super 90 is convertible from semi-auto to pump action.


Let me know if I missed any of your specific questions.


[ 02-20-2005, 10:56 PM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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I noted that the SBEII looked semi auto, but I did not know if pump action (which I prefer for shotguns) was at least an option, basically an opposite affect of the M3. Now I have seen pump action shotguns where the handguard can "fold" or move over or near the trigger guard, seemed as a "hidden pump-action". Also, pump action could probably be a customized action.


Well anyways, I have two questions.


You stated that between the M3 and the SBEII, the SBEII was the better choice. Well, out of ALL of Benelli's shotguns, which one would suit me the best?


Finally, what kind of upgrades are avaliable for this recommended weapon? Perhaps interchangable barrels for certain types of rounds, to increase performance and/or convenience, or a pistol grip and solid comfotech stock (which is what I want for my shotgun. A "tactical" or combat style, like a pistol with a solid stock, the M3 has this with a folding stock). Sorry for the tedious questions.

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I think you'd be best served to consider splitting your needs and your wants into at least two different guns.

For field use, with occasional clay shooting, the SBEII or M2 would be excellent choices. The major difference between the two being the fact that the SBEII handles 3.5" shells, while the M2 takes 3" shells max.

If you don't need or don't plan on shooting the 3.5's the M2 will save you some cash towards gun number 2.

Both come with crio and comfortech.


Accessories and options are listed on this site and in the catalog.

If you want a tactical shotgun, then buy a tactical shotgun, rather than trying to convert a field gun back and forth.

I'm no expert on the tacticals, but it seems that the M1014 is the weapon of choice for those who like the ultimate alley sweeper.

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Unless you're sure you're going to cry not having the ability to shoot 3.5's, skip the SBEII and go with the M2. It's a breeze to clean and to me, just the best "bang" for the buck. But then this is not a pump. If you can afford it, go with the 2 gun idea like Tucker said... I'm saving up to add a tactical to sit next to my M2. The Nova pumps aren't that expensive. Good luck.

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