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That is certainly one of the most beautiful pieces I've laid eyes on. Congratulations. I have a question though, I am about a week from purchasing one of these and have not gotten any input on how it shoots. I am skeptical of semi-auto seeing as I own a Wilson Combat Border Patrol tricked out and enjoy it but wish to get the M4 LE. If you could let me know how reliable the M4 is, whether you've had any problems with it. And if anyone knows, whether it is submersible, as some of our testing consists of amphibious tests, and would like to bring the M4 along. Also, what kind of flashlight mount is that, we are a dealer for Surefire but they are not positive as to what it is. Any help would be appreciated.


Sua Sponte,


Special Operations Equipment Inc.

Oceanside, CA

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Reliability with full power slugs and buckshot, which is all that I have used so far, is flawless.

The light mount is an ARMS 21 scope ring with ARMS 22TRC and 1" adapter, attached to an ARMS 22TRR Tactical Ring Rail. The 22TRR provides the picatinny surface for the Surefire throwlever attachment of the 12V Millenium light.

This was initially a temporary setup, as the ring has to be removed from the mag tube to remove the barrel. However, Surefire now says that they have no plans for a mount for the Benelli M1014/M4.

A better solution seems to be the mount available from Sidearmor.

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