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Barrel length


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Just my interpretation of the link:



1. You must be a good shot in order to effectively shoot a 24" barrel?


2. If you have a 24" barrel you better get them in close?


3. Goose hunting requires longer shots? Not if you know what your doing.


Here is the real deal. You will shoot best with what you have the most experience with, what you are most comfortable with, what you have the most confidence with. Everything like this is a mind game. If you worry about everyone elses opinion and start to second guess you decision on barrel lenght that is what will harm your shooting the most.


Just my opinion.




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Fortunately I have no preconceived notion of barrel length or which is supposed to be superior, hence the reason for the question.


I "assumed" that a longer barrel was to reach farther, and from the links provided above it seems that might be the case.


From the article: "The basic bottom line is a short-barreled gun is for fast-swinging, close-in shooting. Distance shooting requires a longer barreled gun."


I guess that answers my question. I'll be doing mostly upland game which is generally close in, but the water fowl that I "might" like to add in sounds like it would require a bit longer barrel for better accuracy for "average" shooters.


So, a 28" is maybe a good middle of the road?

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WHOA, alright buddy I'll take a great deal many insults but that is pushing it. I used to be "large" and spent 3 freaken years working it off!! And I earned the privelage of no more insults on that subject, evan joking.


I will humbly request that you drop this one or tomarrow I'll be the guy chasing you about to throw a shoe at you.

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