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9 rounds in an M1?


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How do you load 9 rounds into an M1 Super 90, if the mag only holds 7? Do you load the extra round into the lifter area? If so, do you do this by loading it though the ejection port? Can you carry the shotgun around like this for a long period of time, or is it something that should only be done immediately before firing?

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Guest GunCrazyD

I wouldn't do it....you could jam it that way and then you have a one shot before the jam.....if 7 rounds won't do....then you have issues ;)

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Speaking only w/respect to the M1014/M4, if the Marine Corps manual for this weapon is any indication, the military doesn't consider it a risky operation:




That being said, the only feed problem I have ever experienced with the M4 was with a floated round (only once). As has been indicated in posts by others, it would appear that you need to take care to push the shell to the rear of the carrier as far as possible.

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