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Winchester Platinum Tip results


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Ballistics testing results:

Testing subject - above average sized doe.

Shooting scenario - 50 yards, frontal quartering shot.

Slug damage assessment - exploded two ribs just right of breast bone, punched 2" hole through heart, vaporized lung, punched through stomach (that sucks), cut kidney in half, shattered back left rib, stopped under hide. Deer did back flip, jumped up on hind legs, hopped ten feet, plunged off 20' cliff into creek, dead on impact.

Slug weight before - 400gr

Slug weight after - 365.2gr

Results - better weight retention than Lightfield with equal damage results and much less wind drift.


Slug nose view



Slug back view



Slug side view



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Slug technologies have come a LONG way in the last quarter century.


Here's one I dug out of an 8 pointer I shot in 1983.


It was 3 degrees that morning (bitter, record cold for Southern VA).


I was at one of my favorite spots on the banks f a small river, bordering a large grain field. There was a 50 yard wide strip of hardwoods buffering the field from the river. This provided a natural travel funnel and corridor for deer.

I lost count how many deer I took along that 500 or so yards of river.


Every hour, I'd get up and walk a lap around the field, just to get the blood flowing enough to warm myself back up.


At 9 AM, I killed a bobcat as she walked the frozen river, carrying a mouse she had captured.


At about noon, I heard the rustle of a fast moving animal directly behind me. Something had spooked him from the other side of the field. Maybe it was me on my last warm-up lap?


By the time I got the 870 shouldered and found him in the scope, he was maybe 25 steps from me and coming like a locomotive.

Steam poured from nostrils and he looked like a monster.


I centered the crosshairs in his chest and let one go.

He hit the ground like the horses used to do in the old western movies, when they used tripwires to make them fall. His nose was plowing up leaves as he skidded about 8 feet, before coming to halt just a few feet from me.


I remember thinking briefly that he was going to plow right over me!


The below slug, a solid lead hollow point Remington Slugger, traveled the entire length of his body, cutting a path next to his spine.

Its final resting place was next to his bladder, in the pelvic cavity.


The hollow point turned intself completey inside-out and made a pretty good model of a donut smile.gif



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That actually looks exactly like the heart I shot out with the slug above!


What really suprised me was how well it expanded. I shot a 7-pointer a few years ago with a partition gold, about 15 yards away, and there was a 50 cal hole through one side of the chest and a 50 cal hole out the other.


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Partition Golds are designed for deep penetration, which is why I use the Platinum Tips; which are designed more for faster expansion & transfer of energy. The solid component of the PG tend to drive it through. As it is; most modern sabot slugs are giving up a lot of their energy in the dirt behind the deer rather than IN the deer if you're not shooting at longer range. Aside from the drop in accuracy, those old lead slugs REALLY expanded in the animal. I like the ballistics on the PG ... but I worried about those close shots doing just what yours did; no expansion.


Great post by the way.

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