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Att 1014...Whats a New look'n Practical go for??


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What do ya think a practical should go for?A Buddy of mine has one in good shape for sale.I'll try to post a pic of it.Thanks for any info...:)

Well...I don't have a url for the pic of it...Can you list JPGs on this forum right off my Sony 717.I guess I could email ya a pic of it..if you wann'a screw with it...Thanks again..:) :confused:

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M1014...It is a 26" Compensated barrel,both military ghost ring sights,Pic Rails,oversized controls,& a 8+1 Capacity,CL,M,IM,F Chokes,Muzzle Comp that fits on extended CL choke tube,Speed loader with two four round Loaders & comes with the original box & paperwork. He wants $780 for it complete...

Do they make a Pistol grip stock for that one??& do ya think it's worth it??

Thanks again..:)

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IMHO i'd go for it

they retail for about $1299.00 ish I got mine for 900 NIB and wouldn't consider selling it for double that, as far as your question about the pistol grip, yes all M1 pistolgrip stocks work with the practical,because its a standard M1 action


just make sure to check the chokes to ensure there in good condition and make sure the threading on the barrel itself is in good condition and clean, also make sure it comes with the choke tube wrench, it doubles as a thread cleaner for the barrel which is very important when you shoot alot


also check to see if he has the stock shim and collar sets for the adjustable system, ..in a nutshell you can adjust the drop of the stock with this system the Practical comes with A B and C each set is 2 pieces 1 is a thin shim that goes between the stock and the action where it mates up at up front of it the second piece is a metal piece that about 2" long and made of metal about 1/8'th thick and blued steel, its for the rear end of the stock this is the piece that actually allows the drop of the stock, it simply slides up to the end of the screw at the back of the stock and when you tighen it down it sets the drop of the stock ...having said that here again since the practical is based off the M1 action the standard pistolgrip stock works with it PLUS so does the shim drop system, i'm still playing with mine but right now the B set seems to be the best for me that feels most comfortable


on another thought your saying a choke CL..is that just plain Cylinder? because when I got mine I got the standard cylinder like you say that is for the break but i also got an improved cylinder for a total of 5 chokes ...might want to check into that



oh and if you don't mind me adding my 2 cents DO NOT use the muzzel break, it ADDS recoil to the weapon reguardless what round you put through it ..the Practical was designed for ISPC shooting *the 3 weapon shooting pistol, carbine and shotgun*and basically you trade recoil for lesser barrel raise in rapid fire shooting *for me i'll deal with the rise i hate recoil* also unless you just love the speed loader system scrub it too and get a side saddle *this was added to the gun for ISPC because your are penalized for reloading so when you can have one reload and have 4 rounds you get a big benifit thats what its on the gun* there was 1 heard of case of them actually detonating 1 of the 12 ga shells in the tube and via chain reaction all 4 shells in the tub *the max capacity that it holds* detonated and wound up injuring several in the area and almost completely obliterating the user's arm, now please keep in mind this was an older model that had a metal plunger and thats how it was able to detonate the shell and again i said it was a heard of case i've yet to find proof there of but better safe than sorry, the new ones at least the one that came with my Practical is plastic and even to the point that the part that makes contact with the shell is only a quarter circle and actually hollowed out where the primer of the shell is so IMHO there safe, but as i said earlier its just my opnion


and lastly check if you can and see if the ghost ring sights are the trininum night sights ..if so that is a big plus



sorry for such a lengthly post but i hope you find the information helpful, as is, first hand info





Lupinus Nobilitas



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