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It's great at displacing moisture, and could be used to "dry out" a soaked weapon.


It leaves a residue that attracts dirt like nothing I've ever seen.


It's better than nothing, but it's nowhere near as good as many of the products made specifically for firearms care.


Breakfree CLP, Hoppes Elite, etc. are much better choices, and they won't attract dirt and grime the way WD-40 does.

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For some guns, yes.


Water Displacer, the 40th formula made by the inventor, was created to prevent water from staying in contact with metal.


There are many, many, better products out there now.


I use BreakFree CLP and my guns do not rust.


mudhen - CA

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Hey guys.....I'm probably a little older than y'all, but I'll tell you that WD 40 is basically highly refined kerosene in propellant form. It's great for cleaning, but like some of the prior posts indicate, leaving it on the piece will attract dirt. I still use it to clean my guns (M2 and Supernova) because it breaks up the gunk. I then use synthetics for the final lube up. I ordered some synthetic aerosol spray from Royal Purple and am tryin it out. will let the formus know after this weekend. F Y I

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