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new to the shotgun world


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well, I am considering buying a new gun, I had thought about a rifle for a while now, but my friend has encouraged me to look at shotguns. I have two questions for anyone willing to help me out.

1. being that I weigh only 135 pounds

(soaking wet) is a 12 guage going to knock me off my feet (would a 20 guage be better?)

2. what type of shotgun would one recommend for a beginner looking to just go to the range every once in a while to blow things up?


thanks for the help!

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I guess the first thing to consider is, what are you going to do with your new gun? Hunt, plink, self defense? If you have virtually no experience with firearms, I would suggest starting with a .22 rimfire rifle to learn the basics.


If you are convinced that you want/need a shotgun, I'd handle as many possible to get a feel for what fits and just feels comfortable. Go to a couple of gun stores and check everything out! Talk with friends and handle the guns they have. Even better take a few out and shoot them. Nothing beats handling and shooting to help make up your mind! Good luck.

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Without sounding too father-like, you need to get your feet wet before setting out on your voyage. I like the .22 rimfire suggestion. Get used to the all the safety procedures needed to properly conducdt yourself at the range first, with the chamber empty. Then start plinking. Let's not jump right to the "blow things up" stage just yet.

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What HerbG said....Is almost exactly what i do..Sounded like perfect advice to me...Especially if your about to plop down a a grand or so for a Benelli...The Automatics like the The M4 hardly kick at all to me.....I have an Ithaca 37 pump that almost made me scared to shoot heavy rounds in it..till I applied the right stock to it...The style,design & the way you are used to holding a heavy hitter..depends a lot on how much kick ya get from some weapons..

Stay Safer!

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Be careful especially on getting agun that fits you. The trigger to inside of teh elbow should be where the back of the stock falls. Any longer and you will be struggling with your shots. The biggest mistake in shotguns is the gun doesn't fit you and therefore your experience is bad (or painful). Probably would be a good idea to go take a few lessons somewhere from some knowledgeable folks who may even let you rent weapons.

Try before you buy... Read up on proper fit.

Stay safe,


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