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brices bent barrel

brice hensley

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Benelli had UPS pickup my gun with both barrels.

They have had my sbe for over a week.

Emailed them yesterday and recieved email back that it had been tested again by head gunsmith.


Head gunsmith said the patterns were decent.

However, they are going to replace my 24" with another barrel.

I wish they would invite me to shoot my gun with them.

I have always shot a good pattern with my kicks choke tube. But the pattern was always to the right.


When i get my gun back i will be shooting it asap and see where POA is.


Hopefully its all good.



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Hey tucker301 did you read the part where he said

"However, they are going to replace my 24" with another barrel." It’s not like they are giving him his old barrel back. Fortunately I have never had to use there service, but my brother has because of his own stupidity. They sent him replacement parts ASAP.

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Tucker no I did not realize Brice had been through all that. I stand corrected, sorry for the smart *** reply. Thank you for welcoming me to the site. My brother was changing out the drop on his Cordoba when he was tightening the stock he accidentally over tightened it and something cracked in the stock. He called Benelli CS and they sent him a new one the very next day. His SBE 2 came with a choke miss stamped and once again they sent him a new one the very next day. I hope that if I ever do need service they treat me as good as they have my brother.


Oh well good luck to anyone who needs CS.

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Recieved my sbe back from cusstomer service!

This week when i get some free time i will be shooting the NEWER barrel for poa.


I can deffo see that this barrel and my choke tube lines up.


So far the 3rd time is the charm.

As soon as i, (get r done) i will let you all know.




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