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Really good deal on a M3T


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M1014...Your the pro on the Benellis...Can you tell by the pic?..is that the one with the heavier sites that didn't break so easy???I've been talk'n to that guy..& may just talk em out of it.....& is the Stock detacable on that one??..I've got several shots of that gun..Big enough to read all the Stampings/lettering..& it doesn't have any M3T stamping on it.. Just M3 Super 90..Does that mean that it's a later model?

Thanks for any info..

Stay Safer!

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StarLynx,,where ya been??????,,goood to hear from ya smile.gif ,,jmikesteen is the M3 doctor,,I'm the assistant on this one smile.gif looks like theres a retaining pin and clip that holds the stock in place,,the front sites are ghost ring and the rear site looks like :confused: ,,on the markings,,theres a box with two letters in it,,those letters tell you what year the weapon was built,,man,,you lucky stiff,,get it before I go for broke :cool:


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What'cha say Big M!!!..Yeah..been on sick leave..A wench ran me down on my Harley..TO'd my bike & almost me...I'm get'n my wings back this week hopefully....As soon as I get back home from Dallas..I've talked to the Owner..pretty nice guy...I'm gonn'a send him the cash..I just wish he still had the box & stuff..I still got my old M3,,But always wanted a T series....Mine has removable benelli chokes..that one is Cyl bore..But he has the extra 26" M3 Hunting barrel..

great see'n ya agin!!

stay Safer!



BTW..I need a PG stock for my present H&K M3..& the rail to replace the rear ghost ring site..

yell at me if anybodys got one for sale..Or can ya order the PG stock from Benelli???

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