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FREE Steady Grip!


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It is my understanding through my dealer that to get the free stock you must find a "participating dealer". That is, the dealer will get X number of free stocks when he orders X number of guns to sell. Dealer orders must be placed in June with delivery in July or August. So if you don't get the stock from your dealer when you buy the gun you won't. I couldn't get one with my new SBE II either. It was already in his current stock. :rolleyes:


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Originally posted by tucker301:

How'd you come out on the big Y2K changeover? :D tongue.gif

We huddled in the dark 'til the clock struck twelve. Then hickory dickory... yeah, and as Paul Harvey would say: you know the rest of the story.


Here I am, providing quality service for my Benelli brotheren and what happens? I get mocked!! You know, it's people like you that really bother other people, and were I other people I WOULD REALLY BE BOTHERED!! But since I'm not other people (I'm just me after all), I don't actually care :D


Well - off to ride the four-wheeler so I can ignore the rest of the family at the reunion!

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