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Service Update for R1 fans


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As some of you "old timers" know, I sent my R1 in to have the cracked stock replaced around mid-January.

This was after CS had sent me a replacement stock via mail, but it was turned down because of a grain/tone mismatch.


Yesterday, I received the rifle back.

I was truly disappointed upon opening the case to find that the new stock was about twice as glossy as the original. This alone would not be such a big issue, but since they left my old forearm on, the mismatch in finishes was unbearable.


Determined to keep my cool and act courteously, I contacted CS about the mismatch issue. The representative was very apologetic and has taken on the project personally. I have returned my stock and forearm to her and she has promised to personally search through the available stock of parts and to find either a stock to match my forearm or to find a new matched set.


I told her to take her time and that I wouldn't need the weapon back until early next Fall.

She promised it wouldn't be that long tongue.gif


IF I'd needed the gun sooner, I might be less understanding, but I know how things work in the real world.


I can almost envision a gunsmith telling an apprentice named crazyhair (random example) to "go and find a stock to match this forearm and install it on the gun".

Even the goofballs of the world sometimes make their way into the best companies, so I'm not bitter.

It's persistent F'ups that get under my skin.

I have confidence that I will soon receive a matched set back and will be pleased.


If only the R1 were offered in "plastic" ;)

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My 30-06 R1 with 165gr sst bullet and 49gr. of varget feels like shootin my .243 bolt action or 25-06 ... recoil is mild enuff to blast away 40-50 rounds of ammo, without any bruises nor shoulder pain.


I'm sorry to hear about that stock mismatch Tucker. Hopefully this time they'll find something worth keeping.

Good luck mate!




Hair Problems Advice

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Thanks, phenom.

The CS rep. called and left me a message today. They received the stock and forearm and they agree it was a mismatch. Someone from CS is going to the repair facility to look for a macth personally.


Just so you know, the recoil thing above was an ongoing joke that spilled over from discussions about shotguns.

Good information to have though.

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