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SBEII jamming cheap 3.5's this morning


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This is not a whinefest, and I will never bash this gun until I am fully aware that its' not something I'm doing wrong. I'm here for advise.


So, (aside from the dlckheads at the shooting range,) It turns out, it was a good day for trapshooting. But that's another story. I tried to finish breaking-in my SBEII this morning at the gun range. (per the manual) I thought I would waste some 3.5's at some clay targets to finish the break-in period on the SBEII. The 3.5's were left over from Duck/Goose season, they were Win. Drylocks, and Federal something or another el' cheap o' 3.5's, both #2 shot. Anyway the SBEII jamed these shells 2 times out of 25 shots. Needless to say, I wasn't too happy. This also happened with these shells during the season back in December. What is the deal with this gun? Or is it these shltty shells? I don't get it, because, to my suprise, the same SBEII cycled 2-3/4 clay target loads like a champion! I couldn't believe it. Yup, the lightest load 12 Ga. shell on the planet. RELOADS AT THAT! cycled perfectly. What gives?


I freakin love this gun. It fits me perfectly, and I was hitting 20/25 trap with the 2 3/4's. So, I was very pleased with that. However, I need the 3.5's to cycle or this gun is useless during duck season.


When it jams, it will fire the shell in the chamber, and fully eject it. It will attempt to release the next shell from the magizine, and thats where it stops. Halfway out of the magizine. Please help! Is it the shells?


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Can you Recommend a shell for me to pickup next time im at the sporting goods store, please. Here are my specs.



need a 3.5" shell for "decoying" ducks from 30-45 yds. But will reach out to 55 if needed


Need shot size too please. (Medium sized Mallard Ducks)


Also, I shot a box of Hevi-shot last year with 0 Cycling problems, but 2 bucks a shot is rediculious.



Your help is appreciated.

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I agree that the $2.00 a shot is high for hevi-shot.

I found some tungsten-iron loads last year for slightly better prices.


I shot the Federal Speed Shok, Remington Sportsman Hi-Speed and the Nitro Express Magnums last year with no jams and good results.

For decoying mallards at those ranges, I'd use steel 2's in steel, or 4's in tungsten-iron, bismuth, or hevi-shot.


Others have posted that they like Kent shells, but I've never tried them personally.

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Yes, several guys in Arkansas will swear by Kent. I might pick some up, and shoot some clays for practice.


I have read somewhere that the Winchester Drylocks have an irregular "cone" shape, and several people have complained about malfunctions. Mainly in the Browning Gold, and SBEII.



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I shoot Estate 3 1/2" through my SBE I and haven't had a single jam yet. I've made several dove hunts with my father-in-law shooting dove loads as well. I haven't shot any Drylocks through it. I shoot 3 1/2" #3's with my Benelli out to 35 yards. If I'm goose hunting I'll shoot BB's with the pattern master choke tube.


Did you clean the gun BEFORE you shot it? I was told when I bought mine its absolutely necessary to clean it before you shoot it. I was told that the guns come with a protective coating that must be removed and can be easily removed with common gun solvents. However, if you shoot it before you clean it the coating hardens and is extremely difficult to remove. The guy at the store where I bought mine told me he'd charge me $20 to clean it before I shot it, but if I shot a single shell through it, he'd charge me $75 if it wasn't cleaned before it was shot. You probably know this already, and if you didn't clean it before you shot it I don't know what you could do about it now.


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smile.gif The shells I find work great and are priced pretty good are the Kent shells. I used them for duck hunting and wow they pack a punch and knock those mallards out of the sky.


I have tried many different brands including the Winchester supreams but I always return to Kent shells. We like to decoy those ducks in but by the time they reach Arizona they have been educated and wont decoy in as easy. The Kents sure reach out and touch them and thats when using the 3 inch loads.

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