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M1-2-3-4? Suggestions for new user


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I own a SBE2 for hunting, but I'm looking to buy a home defense SG. A buddy let me try his M1 and I like it a lot. It appears to me that the M1 is discontinued, replaced by the M2. Is that correct?


Simplicity of the ID system is attractive, but the M4 seems more versatile in terms of accessories, etc. The M3 doesn't interest me too much since I have never had a failure with my SBE2, even with light target loads. Can't imagine a time when I would need to switch it over to being a pump gun.


I see lots of post re: mag extensions for the M4. What about for the M2?


Trying to decide what to do and it seems that lots of folks here are using these guns, so I'd appreciate any advice and comparisons you might offer. Thanks in advance.

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M2-tactical is great. I shoot it often at the sporting clays and 5-stand ranges much to the dismay of the regulars (there's that riot gun again!)! I have 2 extra mag extensions - stock fits 5 shells in the magazine, I have one that fits 6, and one that fits 7 in the magazine (+1 including the chamber to make 8 max). But I keep the stock 5 extension attached - if I need more than 6 shots for home defense.... I don't think 1 or two more rounds will help!!!


Keeping the 5+1 stock setup keeps the gun small and light, which does mean it kicks quite hard. Its simplicity is great - I clean it after every use and after several thousand rounds, it still looks new. I don't think there's anything to wear out on it (like gas pistons and such). It's just too easy NOT to clean it after every time, even when I shoot multiple times over a weekend!


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If money is no issue I'd definately go with the M4.

You may have many more options for accys now and in the future. Lighter recoil= less pain when playing.

The M4 is heavier than the M2.


If it is go, with the M2. Still have many assys available.

Either way as you know, you can't go wrong with a Benelli.

Mag extensions are available for both or a full length tube for the M4 for the ultimate tactical cool factor.


I started with an M2 Tactical but returned it (new unfired)the very next day when my dealer had an M4 arrive.

WARNING: Tricking out an M4 or an M2 can be Lethal on your wallet. :D :D


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