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Any Kent Matrix shooters out there?


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My newer SBE II has been releasing Kent Matrix shells from the magazine at the slightest bump.


Tore the gun apart and found nothing wrong. Lightened the mag spring, no help.


Took a good look at the ammo, and found all 500 rounds of the Matrix I just bought have just slightly rounded brass! The shells slip right past the mag carrier latch sometimes! Just that little extra rounding is causing the problem.




I talked to Kent today, they may want the shells back, we'll see what happens....


mudhen - CA

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I shot some Fasteel early season with no problems, but no Matrix.

I was gonna try some before my health probs soured my season.

Sounds like a definite manuf. defect that needs immediate attention.

I KNOW you know what you're doing when it comes to a Benelli, so I'm sure the gun is not the issue.


Were all of yours from the same or similar lot #'s?

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Yes I have been having problems also. I loaded up three rounds of kent matrix 3 inch. I shot two rounds and the third did not feed properly into the chamber.


I also have problems releasing the matrix from the magazine when I down load.


[ 12-12-2005, 12:21 AM: Message edited by: Commando ]

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