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Fitting a SBE


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Does anyone know where I could find an online guide or any info to tell me how to fit my SBE to me? It is currently in the factory settings, but I figured if it is adjustable (for the drop change) I should make sure its right for me.


Are there any rules of thumb, etc or is it just trial and error to see what feels good and seems to work?


Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Another fitting tip:

Many shotgun stocks are too long and are a culprit in poor shooting. Here is how to check for the fit of the stock: Place the stock in the crook of your elbow (that's right - elbow) and place your finger at the trigger. The trigger face should fall between the base of your trigger finger and the first joint of that trigger finger. If it doesn't, the stock is too long or short. Judge at that point on whether you can have the stock fit for you, or move on. Stay safe. Tacman

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Have you patterned the gun? Mine shot high and right out of the box (SBE). Took it to a gunsmith and he adjusted the shims. When I repeated the pattern board, it was still slightly high and a little right, but MUCH closer. I'll put at least a 1000 rounds through it on the range before I do it again. Then, (if) when I adjust it, it will be custom work by the gunsmith. Hope this helps.

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What exactly do the shims do? I know I have to cut my stock about 1" maybe a bit more since the stock is way too long. Do I need to do anything with the shims? Do the shims actually effect accuracy of the gun? You mention the gun is shooting high and once you ajusted the shims it was a bit better...is the accuracy off because of the way the gun is sitting in your arms? Any info would be very much appreciated!



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