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SBE 11 Parts


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I tryed to call Benelli for a B stock drop shim that broke on my SBE11.I was put on holddddddddddd for ever.My question is can anyone help me with where can I get one.I e-mailed Benelli`s CS but no answer as of yet. Thanks for any help anyone can give,Boo :(

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Yes, for some reason Benelli is not making any spare parts availible for the new SBE II . I'm looking for a "Steadygrip" stock to put on my Comfort tech.


If you call them, they will refer you to places that will inturn tell you just that. If you call them, and ask there operator to hook you up with someone to talk to, you will be put on hold FOREVER!!!!

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It`s to bad that a company should not give you the support you would think you should get.I think that sucks that Benelli can`t even return your phone calls or your e-mail.I don`t think that my next gun is going to be a Benelli.I and everyone needs a company that they can get ahold of with a problem or support.Don`t get me wrong I love my SBE11 but it`s the service that is just not good at all. :mad:

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I understand your frustration, and I agree that they should either manage the e-mails or not supply the link to begin with.

I'm a firm believer that mismanaging e-mails is like not answering the phone, and it could be an opportunity lost.


However, I do KNOW that Benelli CS will help you if you will just be patient on the phone and speak with them.


I erroneously read your original post and thought you were seeking a shim for the SBE, not the SBEII.

Sorry about that.


Russ F.'s comments about Benelli not making parts for the SBEII are unfounded and should be ignored.

I can assure you that they do make parts, and that they WILL support your needs under warranty.


Grab a magazine, get a fresh cup of joe, and make the call.

I like to use the cordless, in case I get a nature call while holding smile.gif


[ 12-21-2005, 02:04 PM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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Originally posted by tucker301:


Russ F.'s comments about Benelli not making parts for the SBEII are unfounded and should be ignored.

I can assure you that they do make parts, and that they WILL support your needs under warranty.


You erroneously read my post too.


I never said they were not making parts for the SBEII!!!


I said "they are not making any spare parts availible for the new SBE II."


I am quoting the sale reps. at the two retailers Benelli tell you to call for parts, in their phone answering machine recording for parts.


When Benelli's premire parts retailors can't get parts for the SBE II. from Benelli, that tells me they are unavailible.


If you need more proof, I will record my next call to them, and post the wave file for you to hear.


In addition, after being on hold for 15 minute, a recording ask me to leave my name & number and it's been 3 days and no return call.


Russ F.


[ 12-21-2005, 04:59 PM: Message edited by: Russ F. ]

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Even the SBE II parts that should be easy to get are almost impossible. I currently have 3 SBE II accessory parts on order from an authorized Benelli stocking dealer. They've been on order for over 2 months now. And lest you think they are weird exotic parts, they are a recoil pad, a comb insert, and a vent rib barrel. Now these are not cheap parts mind you. With a bit of discount they are $645. I prepaid them 2 months ago and the dealer can't even get a shipping date out of Benelli for any of them. As an owner of many Benellis of all descriptions (including a new one that has been "in transit" from MD for over 2 weeks now), I find this "customer support" policy inexcusable.


I get the majority of my spare Benelli parts and accessories off of gun auction sites on the net. That's really a ridiculous way to distribute parts.


These guns, parts, and accessories are far too expensive for such shoddy customer support. Benelli should hire somebody with firearms support experience and technical knowledge, who knows the typical parts and accessories that a shooter will want or need, and then bring them state side and actually STOCK them in proper numbers and on a consistant basis. Again, it's not like the profit margin isn't there to keep some commonly ordered parts on the shelves at all times.


When people ask me about Benellis I tell them they're great shooting guns, rugged guns, and tough all condition and all weather guns. But I also tell them that they're poorly supported guns.


I shoot both competitive skeet and sporting and I have given up on both Beretta (Benelli's mother company) and Perazzi (also mothered by Beretta at one point) due to this same exact policy of shoddy customer support.

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At the risk of interrupting a perfectly good βitch session, I'd like to point out that the OP (boo) has what I see as a simple warranty part issue.

He should stick with contacting Benelli CS via proven means (PHONE CALL) and politely ask for a replacement shim.

I seriously doubt that they will even question him on the broken part or request to get it back.


Now then, I understand others have issue with Benelli's parts distribution system, and that's fine. But boo needs a shim, and it should be covered by warranty.

The rest is up to you, boo.

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Originally posted by boo:


This is all very interesting. I had some stock work done on my M2 that I decided was not all that good. We will leave it at that.


I called the Benelli in accocreek to see about a new wood but stock for my M2. It took less than 15 minutes to get through and talk to a real person. I found out that they had the wood stock in house, the part numbers for it that are different than those in the manual and the aproximate cost. They wont sell to customers of the street.


Called up the dealer that I bought the gun from and placed an order for the stock and recoil pad. They got me the stock in less than 5 days start to finish.


Mike :D

So I cannot complain about the service I got.

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