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Tom Knapp on History Channel Tonight


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From Knapp:


I am honored to tell everyone that I was asked to participate in a production for the History Channel. The TV show is called "Sharp Shooters" and will be airing Friday, July 21st at 8:00pm Eastern/Pacific and 7:00pm Central. (If you have Direct TV check your listings.) If you are not able to watch the first airing, it will air again at various times. You can search for "Sharp Shooters" on the History Channel here: http://www.historychannel.com

Sharp Shooters:

Friday, July 21 @ 8pm ET


Sharp Shooters:

Saturday, July 22 @ 12am ET


Sharp Shooters:

Wednesday, July 26 @ 8am ET


Sharp Shooters:

Wednesday, July 26 @ 2pm ET


Wild Bill Hickok. John Wesley Hardin. Buffalo Bill. Doc Carver. Annie Oakley. Some of these skillful shots used their talents to survive in a hostile and lawless American West. Others honed their abilities onstage to make a living performing for audiences. But it turns out their legends might be the least accurate thing about these shooters. So famous are these historic gunslingers, it's hard to separate the truth from the myth...until now. We stack up some of today's greatest sharpshooters against the legendary feats of the past. Bill Oglesby, Jerry Miculek, and Tom Knapp demonstrate attempts to recreate famous gun-slinging achievements. We also cast a skeptical eye at many stories culled from newspaper accounts and pulp fiction novels. Along the way, we'll meet some of history's greatest shots. In the process, we might just blow a hole in some of those treasured old legends. So keep your eye on the target, because you won't believe your eyes.

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I saw it as well.

Many of the trick shots are not all that impressive, given the range at which they are performed.


Hitting the tip of a cigarette at 20 ft. with a .22.

So what.


Emptying two revolvers into the same taget at the same time in less than a second. Yeah, that was pretty darned good.


Also, shooting two different targets in two different sight pictures with two different revolvers simultaneously was a good one.


Here's a trick I do when I'm out .22 plinking with my buddies. I've won a few bucks off it too.


I can toss a 1/2" flat washer into the air and put four .22 rounds through the hole in the middle before it hits the ground. :cool:

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I saw it.


It was kinda ruined by the fact that they made a big deal of him hitting "only" 7 hand thrown clays, when most people know he is capable of much more than that.


But overall it was enjoyable.


Oh, and I bet I can 5 or even 6 shots through the hole in a washer before it hits the ground. smile.gif

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