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New gun owner. Just got Nova.


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First off, hello. I'm new to the forum, and I figured I'd join up as I just got baught a Nova pump a few days ago.


Now, this is the first gun I have ever owned, and I come from a long line of zealous anti-gun fanatics (unfortunatley...). I also live in the suburbs, and I am probably the only person on my block with a gun. No joke. So my firearms rescources are quite slim. Basically, I'm here because I was looking for basic newbie info about my gun and firearms in general.


More specifically, maintenance, and safety. I keep the gun locked, and unloaded, saftey on. But I also baught the gun used, so I have no owners manual or anything of the sort. I'm wondering what I should be doing to keep the gun in good working order, and the like. I guess stripping it down and cleaning it out is what I should be doing, but I have NO idea how to do so, and I'm afraid if I start taking things apart, they will not come back together.


Another cute thing, apparently benelli doesn't have their manuals online yet.


I'm going to try and call them up, see If I can get a manual mailed or something, but in the meantime, my friend and I were planning to try it out at the range. But now I'm wondering if I would even be a good idea to shoot something I don't know that much about.




I don't know doodie about my nova, hardly. And I want to learn. Any advice, tips, info, whatever you can give is appreaciated. Anything to get me started really.



Much thanks.

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Welcome Oyster.


you mad it to the right place for sure..


If you do a search on the Nova you will have plenty of reading, advice and opinions.


the disassembly of the nova is pretty simple and with a little practice you'll be able to rip it apart clean it and reassemble in no time at all.


had you bought the gun privately or from a dealer / shop?

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Welcome. You have taken a good first step by coming here. I just got back into hunting after a many year absence.


As to learning etc. try looking into your local gun or shooting ranges. The one here that I belong to offers a shotgun 101 on the first saturday of the month.


Enjoy and good luck.


Mike :D

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I got it from "Kurley's" a semi-local shop nearby. I downloaded the pdf of the manual, and it all seems fairly straight foreward. Having to skip through 4 other languages between every english instruction is a bit annoying, but whatever, I'll call this education (why did they bother to translate to french...?). Sorry, bad joke.


And I checked out some local clubs, and found one in my area that offers classes, but doesn't list the specific classes available. So that is going to get a follow up call.


Also, Oils and cleaners? Any recommendations?


Thanks again.

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I've used just about everything in my Nova with very few problems over the three years I hunted it a lot. As far as oils, about anything works in the Nova. SBE seem to work a bit better with some more expensive oils, but I always soaked my Nova with rem oil or corrosoin-x red. I would get some gun grease and put on the rails and other metal to metal sliding parts, but other than that, its a tough gun and will work through just about anything.

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