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why does the M2 shell lifter have a notch in it?


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I am curious why the shell lifter on my M2 has a notch in it towards the magazine end - all it seems to do is catch my thumb and smash it if I am not careful when loading. I've seen some people weld this shut.


I am just curious if it serves any purpose, such as permitting a cable-type receiver lock to be passed through the slot... that's the only thing I can think of it would be intended for. I never had this problem with the Nova model...


Thanks ;)


Here's a sample of what it looks like:


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That pic sure looks like one I have seen before... in fact, it looks like a Supersport I used to own.


From what I understand, not only is it good for tearing out fingernails, but it helps "guide" the round in chamber.


However, this mod below allow you to keep your fingernails and it still feeds.



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The guy's name is Jeff Cockrum. Info from his card



1924 S Farm Road 241

Rogersville, MO 65742


Orders only 877 520 5127

Phone/fax 417 753 2707


He made one for me. Works well. Nice guy. I have forgotten the price. I believe it was reasonable.

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Jeff doesent make them, he just welds up your existing lifter.


I sent him my lifter and maybe $30. Within a week it was back.


I recommend Jeff Cockrum, Jerry Harp (of Browning Gold fame) and Benny Hill highly for their work on Benellis.

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