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how to polish aluminum reciever??


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thanks for reply mossberg,


It is just a stoeger 2000 ...only paid 435 for the gun new.. I went to the gunsmith and he said to use navel jelly...which I did...It totally stripped the black off of the reciever and took it right down to the bare alluminum!!! I shot it with a couple coats of clear and wha lah!! That was good enough for me..after thinking about polishing it, I really dont have that much experience so i just stopped while I was ahead! It looks great though!!

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Sorry ,

Don't have a digital camera!! I can tell you that the reciever turned out being a "light grey" kinda. Like raw alluminum. It looks kinda like bare metal with no rust or paint. ???? Hard to discribe!!Oh!! It is the same as the factory wheels on a chevy....the shineier part. not the inside part. sorry, maybe I will just try to take a picture and scan it or something!! I understand from talking to people that it is possible to take it a step further and polish it to give it a real shiney smooth look but thats almost too flashy....kinda like getting a geo metro and putting chrome wheels on it!! I dont want to push it!!

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:D good analogy with the geo metro .. cracked me up!


If you ever do take a picture of it .. get it on here I'd love to see it! was wondering about doing it to one for my nephew. He's been shooting an 870 at the trap range and sporting clays course but, I've been thinkin' of doin' up a 2000 for his birthday in may.


Planning on picking up a used one. He's 12 so I want to trick it out for him ... colored recoil pad - cut/strip and paint the stock and fore - and I'm thinkin' the reciever thing would be the cats meow... He saw a Benelli all done up at a shoot with his father and mentioned how cool it was. So I'm goin' halfsies with his dad on a little project.


Have a good one!

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