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can an m4 be had with a rifled barrel?


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none of ya are going to find the M4 14'' barrel for sale,,they don't carry a part # in the US,they would have to be specialy ordered under strick supervision from Europe and the US,,,,common guys like us ain't allowed to have one,,try it just try it,,,,the production is low,,big brothers watching and he wants his cut if you get that short of a barrel ;)


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There has to be someway to get one. You always see the M1 short barrels for sale. I have a registered M1 entry gun, but really want a shorty M4. If anyone can get a lead on where to purchase one, that would be great. I have no intention on buying alot of them and then trying to sell them at double the cost. I just want 1 or maybe 2 smile.gif

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I am new to the slug concept. and I took out the M4 past w/e and shot Brenneke KO and Remington low recoil...both were very accurate at 40 yards (the max length of the range I was on) I am thoroughly impressed (as apparently my brothers are in the sandbox out east) with the M4's slug capability. Don't know if hunting slugs are different in any way, but it might look funny hunting with a combat shotgun :D . If you put a bayonet on to ensure the animal is dead that may impress the game warden. ;) Just my 2 cents


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